SQUARE: Software Quality Research

// weekly meetings

Wednesdays 15:30 - 16:00 (status only) or 15:30-16:30 (status and seminar) in 5A01
  • The SQUARE meeting is a weekly joint group- and status-meeting.
  • The purpose of the meeting is to get an idea of what everyone has been doing the past week(s) and are going to do next.
  • The meeting is mandatory for everyone in the research group.
  • If you cannot attend the meeting in person at ITU, then please join via Hangouts.
  • If you cannot attend the meeting via Hangouts, then please send an email to the group maling list (itu-square@googlegroups.com) with an update on your progress, plans, and whereabouts.
  • Check your ITU calendar for changes and updates.

// meeting culture

  • We strive to make meeting cost effective meetings (and minimize ad hoc meetings).
  • We try to start and finish on time.
  • For online meetings always, please check-in for the meeting room as soon as you arrive (do not wait for others to say hi).
  • We try to always have an agenda for meetings to make sure we spend the time effectively and that everybody has an idea of what is being discussed now and later. Whenever possible insert an agenda into the meeting reservation in the calendar system.
  • Please respond to calendar invitations (so that we know whether you will attend or not).
  • If you hear that someone is working on a paper meeting to discuss it, and you find a topic interesting, you are free to join. The idea is not to become a coauthor, but to maximize learning from each other. For this reason others may want to join your meetings as well.
  • If you need a meeting room and Andrzej or Claus are not at ITU, you can use their office(s) for meetings with students or external visitors. (Please leave the office in the same state as you have found it. Or better :)